Industrial Exhaust Gas

  • Lost energy through exhausted gas in industrial processes such as furnaces, boilers, engines, ovens, kilns, incinerators etc provide huge opportunity for business.
  • Gas heat exchangers can be fitted to the exhaust system to enable this energy to be efficiently captured.
  • ORC generators are ideally suited to utilising this often widely fluctuating heat source .
  • Ideal applications can also utilise the ORC generator output heat at 50°C-70°C for other process applications such as hot water, pre-heating, drying or absorption chillers
Industrial Exhaust Gas

gTET 170kWe ORC generator installed at Koppers Minerals Newcastle NSW.

Thermal energy recovered from 3 minerals stacks using exhaust gas heat exchange to thermal oil, in turn transferred to the ORC for site power generation.



Exhaust gas heat exchange for one of the stacks       Minerals stacks. ORC shed in the foreground & cooling tower left