ORC Heat Engines

 Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Power Generators

  • gTET has produced and installed ORC generators with capacity from 25kWe to 600kWe
  • Steam, hot water, thermal oil or exhaust gas heat source
  • Capacity increased with multiple turbo-alternators
  • Cooling with air or water condensor.
  • Non-toxic & non-flammable working fluid
  • Compact for plant room or shipping container installation
  • Designed for 20+ years of service life
  • Power grid connection using IEEE1547 and AS4777 compliant inverter


 170kWe, 150C steam source, water cooling         600kWe, 180C steam source, air cooled condenser








 170kWe, 108C steam source, water cooling          170kWe, 170C steam source, air cooled condensing 



155kWe, 86C geothermal hot water source, water cooling








download the gTET ORC Brochure