Thermal Energy Efficiency
  • Analyse the sites existing energy consumption profile. 
  • Investigate primary uses of energy and determine more efficient technologies and/or usage cycles in context of the operations.
  • Identify thermal waste energy streams and identify the most efficient use of the streams including preheating, power generation and energy transfer.
  • Design, install and commission turn-key thermal energy efficiency solutions.  




Oyu Tolgoi-Mongolia

  • Largest Mine Heating System In the World
  • gTET designed, manufactured and commissioned six 22MWth heat exchange and pumping skids.
  • Self contained skids with control systems and transmitters to provide hot glycol to the mine heating system.



Heywood Stockfeeds-Victoria Australia

  • Conversion from NG burner to steam drying system for feedstock
  • Enables the NG boiler to be operated at full capacity which is more efficient than part capacity on the NG burner and boiler 
  • 40°C clean exhaust from air compressor pre-heats the air supply
  • Substantial NG gas savings




Cummins-RNS Hospital-NSW Australia

  • Commissioning for twin CT1750N5C 2MW NG generators with exhaust gas heat exchange water heater.
  • The system provided continuous site power and boiler pre-heat for overall operating cost reductions





Air International Thermal Systems-Victoria Australia

  • Conversion of a vehicle dynomometer from an Eddy Current brake to regenerative electrical inverter drive system
  • Eliminated the cooling tower requirement and reduced the overall power cost
  • Significantly enhanced the features and flexibility of the test facility


Multimatic Technical Centre Europe

  • Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle HVAC, battery and electric module thermal management system
  • High efficiency R1234yf refrigeration heat pump and cooling technology
  • 300Vdc advanced electric compressor
  • Novel control strategy utilising powertrain waste heat and ambient conditions
  • Dual zone climate control